"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander- that great plan of God. Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sunday, March 13, 2016
Monday-Wednesday, March 7-9, 2016

Busy days visiting, studying, teaching and working with the elders.  Elder Berger traveled to Uralla with the elders to teach an investigator and a non-member who did not want to be taught but must have a good feeling about our cute elders, gave them meat pies for lunch which were not something Elder Berger was too excited about. The meat pies were OK but not to my taste. The Elders gobbled theirs up like bears that had just come out of hibernation.

Birds I haven't noticed before, greeted us at Church in great numbers.  They are pink and gray so say the locals, I call it red and gray.  They are named Galah birds.

A foggy morning greeted us when we arrived for early morning Seminary

This is the view southward from the back of the Branch Meetinghouse property.

More Galah birds in the tree at church

Thursday, March 10, 2016

We had an enjoyable seminary class with the elders joining us along with Sister Betz who started attending last week.  Our discussion was about Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael.  The main point was the importance of the Abrahamic covenant and temple marriage.

After seminary, we took our little car in for its 60,000 kilometer service.  It was interesting how much the guy at the front, taking the orders, looked like one of  Doug and Vicki Terry's sons.

We then went with the Elders to help teach another lesson to our investigator, Jo. Teaching Jo was very enjoyable and she said she would commit to be prepared for baptism the first part of April.  This was very exciting to hear, especially for the Elders. There is so much she has yet to learn but she is "feeling' something.  She has a colorful ability to decorate her home on a small budget.  I took a picture of the elders in front of a wall hanging she found at a discount store.

Waiting for the car, and also somewhat surprised by the camera. Do I need a haircut? Do you think President would mind if I brought back the facial hair? I can still see the lighter skin where the mustache was. Strange thoughts while waiting are the rule. Maybe I should be reading my scriptures.

"Terry" doppelganger

Elder Peterson and Kehler

Friday, March 11, 2016

After teaching our seminary class we headed for Wallangra to attend Brother Jackman's funeral.  It is a three hour drive one way.  We enjoyed listening to music on the way that Elder Berger recorded on his ipod, songs we listened to as teens: the Carpenters, Mamas and the Papas, Peter, Paul and Mary, Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, etc. The majority of our time is without music of any kind so once in a while on long drives, it is good to have the ipod. I am glad that the Mission Rules are somewhat relaxed for the Senior couples, they are, aren't they? The funeral was handled by the family and Brother Jackman was buried in the family cemetery on their farm.  We are so blessed to have the knowledge of life after death and the plan of salvation at these difficult times.

Sister Berger and I in "Scenes from a Chinese Restaurant" on our way to Wallangra.

Brother Jackman's final resting place on the family farm in the family cemetery.

Dear Sister Jackman. Everyone in the family dressed in bright colors because "Gary did not want a traditional funeral". The music, except the song "Families can be together forever", was all of the country-western variety with artists like Randy Travis and Marty Robbins.

Preparing for a "Salute" from some of his favorite rifles fired by his children.



Casket, Picture, empty holster, Shooting Trophy, and his favorite dirt bike.

Friends and family at "Tea" after the service.

If you look closely you will see Sheila along with Sister and President Sully. The little boy in the blue chair ate seven brownies while I was talking to him. He is Brother Jackman's great grandson. His name is Fabian.

Brother Jackman in his prime. This was the photo on the casket. I inadvertently got my reflection in the photo. I only met him once, when he was very ill, but as Sister Jackman told me, I will see him again and we will "talk guns and religion" as long as we want to. 

A few of Brother Jackman's prized possessions that he left behind.

On the way home we stopped to take a picture of this Man catching a Fish iron sculpture by the side of the road. We have seen crazy stuff like this all over the place in the bush country.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We cleaned the church, shopped for Sunday dinner, delivered a birthday card to one of the branch members and filled up my water bottles downtown at the filtered water fountain.  We had lots to prepare to be ready for the Sabbath: sharing time, music time, gospel doctrine and at the last minute, Elder Berger received a phone call asking him to speak tomorrow (a 25 minute talk on Revelation, piece of cake), so lots of preparation today.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Today both Sacrament meeting speakers cancelled so Brother Smith and Elder Berger had to fill in and speak. The kids and I had a good time in Primary I think.  We ended up with the two year old nursery boy joining us for the last ten minutes and he was no problem, just cute.

During Gospel Doctrine an interesting incident occurred.  Elder Berger was teaching and referred to 2 Nephi 12:2 and Brother Smith's daughter, who is one of our Seminary students, noticed and commented on the following which her Dad posted to our branch Facebook page.  It is pretty cool. (see below) This is what happens when an average teacher has great students in his class. 

To all my LDS friends – prepare to have your mind blown.
My daughter Kristen spotted this gem today. 2 Nephi 12:2 quotes Isaiah in what most people interpret to be a prophesy of the latter-day Church in Utah. See in our photo what appears vertically in that verse. Is it really a coincidence that out of the 6604 verses in the Book of Mormon that this appears in the very verse that prophesies of the latter-day Church?

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