"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander- that great plan of God. Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Monday, Septenber 12, 2016

The wonderful MacDonald family invited us and the elders for dinner and family home evening. Toby immediately brought a Clifford book for me to read to him.

Toby is fun to babysit when he is sitting still.


We traveled through a little town called Deepwater.  We saw a store called Mr. Tumbles which Elder Berger thought I might enjoy looking at.  It was such a fun store.  It is a co-op where people in the small community bring their homemade goods to sell.  There was art work, handwork, lots of beads, tons of polished rocks, too much to mention.  I purchased four tiny pink dolls with wooden heads and blond hair and pink lace dresses that were $1.00 each which to us is closer to 75 cents each.  I will use them for our Primary girl activities one time. This is a place we will come back to.


Sister Berger in her element.

We enjoyed the fire and the conversation but we kept the W of W.

Displays outside the store.

Views inside the store.


We arranged to meet the senior couple from Narrabri in the town of Gunnedah for lunch which is about a two hour drive for each of us.  We had a very good lunch at a place called Chatter Chinos and talked and talked.  The fields and yards along the drive were filled with a yellow flower called Canola which was so pretty.

Elder Berger, Elder and Sister Pierce.

Lots of rain lately has flooded many of the fields.

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Our preparation is over and the Talent Night for the branch is finished.  I do not have to fit in hours of piano practicing anymore. We had lots of variety and participation from the district presidency and their wives: President Owen and counselors, President Mackay and President Alfred.  I think everyone enjoyed the evening.  We had a variety of tasty desserts after the event which ran longer than we had planned.

Program fronts for Talent Night.

President Sully greeting the Smith children

Some of Brother Smith's guitars he demonstrated as part of his talent.

Brother Smith Demonstrating a unique resonator guitar.

A skit by the Macky family

Happy audience

President Sully talks about the saddle he made


Sister Rosalie Jackman performs a skit, "Violet at the Bus Stop"

President and Sister Owen, perform a skit

Sam Smith, one belt away from a black belt in Karate demonstrates some moves

Sister Betz discusses the blessings of gardening

Elder Berger sings "Right Field" (Peter, Paul, Mary song) with Brother Smith accompanying 

Elders do a skit about answers to prayer

Sister Clarkson displays some of her lovely quilts

President and Sister Alfred performed a skit about the Olympics, here is his javelin throw

Sister Alfred can hula hoop!

Kristen Smith displays and talks about the art she draws

Sister JoAnn Pearce performs  Australian poetry

Sister Sully displays one of her wonderful quilts

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