"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander- that great plan of God. Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sunday, November 13, 2016
Monday, November 7, 2016

After our last Seminary lesson for the school year, we prepared for our home evening lesson with the Ford family.  We taught Elder Uchtdorf's talk about the surfers, barriers and sharks that was made into a video and played a game.  I made snickerdoodle cookies for a treat.  The oldest girl, thirteen, and mad at her mother refused to attend.  Oh my.............

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Brother Benesch, who was in the hospital with a serious gastro problem, turned his ankle and tore the ligaments in his foot.  He is on crutches and unable to take care of his lambs and farm.  We bought KFC and took dinner to them and had an enjoyable visit.  A huge rainstorm moved in while we were there with loud thunder and flash lightening lighting the skies which we enjoyed watching after we finished eating.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today we practiced a song at the church for Invitation Sunday and then checked the election coverage which was huge here in Australia.  They devoted most of the day on many channels.

Hillary never did care about the little people.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We are finished with early morning Seminary until after the school break, the first of February.  Jo is moving to Newcastle this coming weekend so we had an early morning breakfast to bid her a fond farewell.

I made breakfast casserole, gluten free cinnamon rolls (because Jo has to have gluten free food), cut up watermelon and muffins.  We invited the missionaries, whos taught an occasional Friday lesson and Brother Smith, who helped teach when we were away and he took this picture.

After Seminary we took some leftover gluten free cinnamon rolls to Sister Clarkson, also gluten free, who seldom can eat anything we have at branch activities.

We took a drive to Kentucky, where one of our inactives lives.  There are many Eucalyptus trees along the way and signs warning of Koala country.  They live in the Eucalyptus trees and eat the leaves.  Supposedly the leaves keep them drugged; hence they sleep 22 hours a day and are hard to ever see in the trees.

Eucalyptus grees stay green all year around but it is a dusty green and the tree, though very tall, is not my favorite.

 Five or six kangaroos watched as we stopped for a picture

The lizard wanted his chance for a photo moment

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