"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander- that great plan of God. Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Monday, February 13, 2017

We have had a busy week with study and teaching and looking for ways to touch the hearts of our less actives.  Tonight we enjoyed having our new elders join us for a meal.

Our new elders having dinner (tea) with us, 

Elder Childs with his peach cobbler


Elder Dransfield

We travelled to Glen Innes and stopped by their "show".  All of the little shires seem to have these shows which are similar to our county fairs.  These horses were beautiful.

They call what they are practicing "Dressage".

Waiting for their turn to ride the course

Prize bulls

All kinds of displays with red and blue ribbons

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Inigo, the Tero's two year old son at the Inverell Sacrament meeting.  He has had stranger anxiety since the age of six months and has screamed around all people except his parents.  He has finally outgrown it.

Sister Tero

Brother Tero

Sisters Ali and Chambers

We always enjoy our visits with the members in Inverell, an hour and a half away from our chapel. We provide a Sacrament meeting for them once a month .  Today the rain poured buckets all of the way there.  We were thankful to arrive safely.

Rishaad Ali, and Angie Sika had bad sore throats and fever and asked for a blessing which the elders and Elder Berger provided.

Angie, finally giving in to her virus

Sister  Chambers, Angie's grandma

Rishaad and his mom, Janice Ali

Brother Tero teaching the Priesthood/Relief Society lesson

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