"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander- that great plan of God. Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sunday, June 4, 2017
Mondasy, May 29, 2017

John had a Melanoma removed this past week at the Huntsman Cancer Center.  He sent us pictures.  We are so thankful he caught it early and got in immediately.  He looked very worn out in our skyping exchange. He said his wound keeps waking him up and he cannot sleep on his stomach which is his normal sleeping position.  When he emailed about the diagnosis, we prayed for him and are so thankful for the blessing and power of prayer.  We enjoyed talking to all the kids today.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

After Seminary, Elder Berger had a feeling he should check with Brother Benesch and see how things were going with his move.  He called him and asked if he could use further help today and Brother Benesch was thrilled and said he really needed some help.  We travelled to their new place which is called "Bam Bam South" and I remained with Sister Benesch while Elder Berger and Brother Benesch moved four more trailer loads from the old place to the new.  We stopped in Gyra where we had the Mens' Shed make two boxes for the treasure box Primary girl activity we are doing, and picked up the finished product.

We returned home just in time to clean up for our Tea appointment with Brother and Sister Clarkson.  It is her birthday today so we took her a card, a big block of Toblerone candy and one of the coins we are giving to all branch families of "What ere thou art, act well thy part".  She fed us chicken, peas and corn, pumpkin, potatoes and cauliflower and cheese which was very tasty considering I am not a fan of cauliflower.  We had self saucing chocolate pudding for dessert.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cold weather has hit with a vengeance as they say.  Frost covered the grass this morning.  Everyone at Seminary was very thankful for our little church and its heater.  Once back at the flat, I took my walk and then stained the three treasure boxes.

Coleman Court, where we live, welcomed a new resident who moved in to unit 3 and we had a mid-morning tea to welcome him.  We enjoy all of our neighbors and are the youngest by about 15 years.  Sister Bernadette, a retired nun who is originally from America is very enjoyable and our age.  Before we leave I really want to have a nice chat with her and exchange religious views.

Brother Bateman contacted the elders and said his three year old son needs heart surgery and would we meet at the church to give him a blessing and to give Brother Bateman a blessing as well.  Elder Berger contacted President Sully to said he would join them.  President Sully has never met Brother Bateman, who is inactive.  While Elder Berger was gone, I joined Sister Sully and Sister Betts at the Fat Goose Crossing cafe for a treat.  I had frothy, hot chocolate.  We had a good visit.

Elder Berger attended his branch presidency meeting and I worked on my seminary lesson for tomorrow.  Teaching these lessons from the New Testament brings the life of the Savior clearly to our minds.  Reading his words, his example of goodness, his spoken love for his disciples, is such a special experience.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

We had a quick skype conversation with Erin regarding her apartment lease and buying a house after Seminary, did a quick grocery shopping and then home where I put polyurethane finish on the boxes and now the flat STINKS.  Craft type products are very expensive here.  A box half the size of these costs $20.00 in the craft store.  The Mens' Shed charged $15.00 for the two and it was obvious they thought they should have charged more when I paid for them but a deal is a deal.  I originally planned on letting the girls decorate their own boxes but decided these are too nice and I will decorate them myself and then give them different treasures to put in the boxes that have a spiritual meaning.

We had lunch at the The Wonder Chinese Restaurant, and then came home to have DTM by phone.  We are starting to organize and plan for our move.  I need to make a couple more Microwave heating bags, the Mango orange jam I want to give out and we need to schedule some goodbye conversations with some of the less actives.

I visited our 94 year old neighbor, Jean to see how she is doing and told her I would be making chicken soup for her dinner tonight.  She still tries to cook for herself even though she is quite blind and is happy when a meal is fixed for her.

Friday, June 2, 2017

After I sanded, stained and sprayed polyurethane on the treasure boxes and some of my beach rocks from Coffs Harbor.  We obtained more field corn and completed another microwave heating bag. We went through our possesions and did some decision making as to what to leave behind and what to pack to take home.  We really don't have long, just 17 days until we return to Sydney.

We had such a nice surprise phone call.  Elder Yang, one of our missionaries who served with us here in Armidale called us.  He received special permission as it is his anniversary day of having been on his mission for a year.  He wanted to tell us how much we helped him as a missionary and helped him learn English and how much he loved us.  He also told Elder Berger he really wished he could have another one of the steaks Elder Berger cooked for him.  He was so sweet and it really touched us that he felt we were a blessing to him in his first area.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Another coat of shine on the boxes and my rocks collected from Coffs Harbor beaches.  They look so good!  It was our Relief Society luncheon with Sister Jackman, who only comes down once a month from her far 3 hours away.  We went to the White Bull and had an enjoyable time.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fast and Testimony meeting today.  Our Tongan brothers came and many bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, the truthfullness of the gospel and Joseph Smith.  There was such a strong spirit in our meeting which is so often the case.  It is interesting as to why and commented on by many of the members.  Sister MacDonald thanked us both in her testimony and said how much they would miss us and that the Primary would have suffered hugely if we hadn't come.  Sister Benesch will replace me and I feel really good about that.  It would be very difficult to leave if I thought the Primary would suffer in my absence.

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